Frequently Asked Questions

How white will my teeth get?
Everyone’s teeth are different but our process can get your teeth up to 14 shades whiter. We will work with you to pick the perfect shade and ensure you are happy when leaving our office!
How long will this take?

Your treatment will only take 90 minutes! We conduct three 20-minute sessions and possibly a fourth if needed.

This treatment usually lasts between 3 – 12 months depending on your lifestyle and compliance with our maintenance recommendations. We send you home with a free at-home whitening kit to help prolong results!

Does it hurt?
Because our products are organic and plant-based they contain no harsh chemicals leading to sensitivity. Most clients experience no sensitivity, in rare cases some clients experience mild sensitivity due to dehydration of the nerves in the teeth. Any sensitivity is short term and usually is gone within 24-48 hours.
Will it work on crowns and fillings?
Yes, this absolutely will! Our gel does an internal whitening, and it brightens all dental work back to the original color your dentist made them. It may not match the rest of your new beautiful bright smile but you will be so happy with your overall brighter smile!

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